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What is the fastest way to get promoted at Google?

One of the best kept secrets at Google is that although the promotion process is described as being very fair, meritocratic and objective, in many cases promotion is given for reasons that are completely unrelated to performance.

Why didn't Hitler order to use all the gas Germany had stored to use on the Soviets when he knew they had lost the war?

Years before WW2 started it was generally assumed in many western societies that if there was another world war then gas would certainly be used. Anyone who saw that old 1936 Movie "Things to Come" will know that it predicted the use of gas in strategic bombing. Today we are so used to Movies & TV shows that depict a post apocalyptic world, I think that movie was the first do so. In fact many people in the 1930s thought that the devastation strategic bombing would cause would be as cataclysmic as we nowadays imagine the aftermath of a nuclear war.

Why do people consider Seinfeld so groundbreaking?

Seinfeld was both smart and down-to-earth, so it appealed to a really broad audience. The American sense of humor is unique. I typically find British humor much funnier, but Seinfeld is still my favorite show of all time. Number two is Faulty Towers, an older British gem of a show that few Americans have even heard of. The only other American sit-com I really loved was Martin, which was underrated (at least among whites) but really just owed its genius to Martin himself and all his insane characters, as the rest of the cast wasn't all that funny with the exception of peripheral characters like “Bro Man.” But having only one funny character was typical in sit-coms, even good ones like Martin. They also had very simple plot-lines, usually involving some misunderstanding.

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