A girl is staring at me in the gym but not smiling. Today, I noticed and stared back but then looked away, looked back again and there she was. Not sure if she wants me to approach her because she didn't even give me a smile. Is this weird or normal?

It's quite simple. She wants to fuck you. She doesn't want to hear about your opinions or ideas. She doesn't want to talk about the weather….

Test my hypothesis. Next time you catch her looking at you, return her gaze…her exact gaze. Communication is 90% reciprocation. If she isn't smiling, why would you? Tilt your head down slightly…and work out more slowly and exotic as you match her intense gaze. Look at her eyes….but don't forget to check out her body…girls love being worshiped.

As you match her gaze, if she doesn't look away, and her lips flinch slightly, or she bites her bottom lip…or even if she gives a half smile or smirk….then yes. She wants you.

Don't screw it up with friendliness or conversation. She doesn't want to see your smile or your perfect teeth. She wants to see whats in your pants. Got it?

She will probably want to take a walk with you somewhere….and she probably doesn't want to shag on a mattress. A walk at night or the beach maybe? A picnic under the stars at a park? She's craving something new with you. Something she's never done before.

That's why she's looking at you. Let her enjoy her fantacy in her mind…then make it real. Let her imagine all sorts of naughty, nasty things….and don't ruin what's going on in her head prematurely. The longer it runs, the better it will be.

When she bites her lower lip, she's nearly ready. Don't take her someplace ordinary. Ordinary is the farthest from her mind.

Let it happen spontaneously. Don't talk about it. She doesn't want your disrespect. She doesn't want to feel dirty. She doesn't want to talk. She's not a talker. She's a doer.

She wants to see the waves crash on the midnight beach, and take it all in. And right there, at her moment of inspiration……come up behind her and put your arms around her…and kiss the nape of her neck.

She will drop.

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