As a parent, how do you keep your children way from the inappropriate content on the internet?

Hahaha! I have three teenagers. A few months ago my thirteen year old comes to my bedside literally shaking as he shows me his phone. On it was a virus lock screen that read something like this:

“This is a notification from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. We have frozen your phone due to the presence of child pornography. Blah blah blah give us $700 and we will lift this lock.”

BAHAHAHA! Oh that poor kid!

I don’t need to keep my kids away from bad stuff. I allow them to see it for themselves and THEY choose what’s good and bad. Surprise! It does actually work.

So, after taking said phone to the store and having it reset, I asked their dad to inform them of a website without a any viruses. If he wants to see porn, he’s going to find it, let’s not ruin ten cellphones in the process.

Thing is, he hasn’t visited a single one of those sites.

That’s not to say he never will but once he had permission, he lost interest.

I refuse to force my kids into good decisions all the time. If they aren’t making these choices themselves, I run the risk of creating three little mini-me’s who ask for instructions on how to pee and when to make coffee and what color hair tie to wear. We have GOT to stop making choices for our kids or they will ALWAYS be kids.

Good luck.

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