Can you actually call 911 and “order a pizza” as a ruse for help?

I know of one case of this actually happening in the UK.

The call went something like this:

Operator: Police Emergency
Caller: Hello, I’d like to order a curry please.
O: You’re through to the police
C: Could you deliver it to ‘gives address’
O: Madam, this is the police, not a delivery service
C: Could you deliver it as soon as possible?
O: (starting to realise something is wrong) “Madam, are you in a situation where you cannot talk freely?
C: Yes.
O: Are you in danger?
C: Yes.
O: Okay, I’m arranging help for you immediately.
C: Could you make it two Naan Breads? My husband is really hungry.
O: I’ll send two officers.

This transcript is purely based on memory from a police officer’s memoir. On the police response, a very angry man was arrested for domestic violence.

There was obviously the risk that the operator could have hung up on a ‘time-wasting’ caller, but once they realised something was wrong, they changed scripts immediately.

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