Can you write your heart out?

I am a 21 year old girl and I am married. Mine is not arranged marriage it's a love marriage against my parents wish. I came out of house on 2015 January month and married him. That time my age was 18. We are married for more than 3 and half years. We don't have children yet. I am doing my bachelor's degree. And he is working.

From past 6 months he hates me a lot. I don't know why. He is telling that I don't care for him and I don't love him anymore. Yesterday night he asked me to get out of his life because he doesn't like me. Because I am dominating him and shouting at him and beating. He also beats me black and blue. One day we caught up with serious fight and he just gave me some punches on my arms. I got black and blue marks and it was there for 2 weeks. He doesn't have any control on beating. One fine day he just threw his slipper on my face in front of everyone and threw the mangalsutra in the road. He also torn my dresses and abused me in front of his mother and sister. Everything I bared it just because he loved me a lot.

Last week an incident happened. He met with an minor accident. He got injured in his knees. While I opened the door he was walking uncomfortably and I couldn't figure it out properly because I was sleepy. It happened at late night at 2: 30. I didn't over react or I just calmed him made him to remove all his dresses and gave him some oinment to apply. He telling that you didn't love me so you are reacting towards this. If my mom was there she would have done something.

Just tell me it's midnight 2: 30am and we don't have any first aid kit at home we just had an ointment to apply. What can I do at that Moment. If his mother was she also couldn't have done nothing than over reacting. She would have told that why can't you ride your bike properly blah blah. And atlast all blaming come upon me because I was alone at home so he came fast. So met with an accident. I am the one always to take all the balmings.

I don't know what to do should I move out from his life.

My parents don't know anything about this they are thinking that I am leading my life happily with him. My father is fully satisfied with my life with him. Should I really get out of his life and move on??

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