Do companies frown on workers eating lunch away from their desk because of the lost work hours?

I saw the memo from the CEO, “Bob”. It was titled, “Coming to work, ready to go.”

In the memo Bob tells his senior executives that he was walking around and he saw a person eating breakfast at his desk. Bob asked the person why he was doing that, and the person answered that he didn’t have time to eat before coming to work.

Bob goes on to say that he wants us to tell our employees that are not to eat breakfast or lunch at work. Then Bob reminds us that anyone that leaves work for a doctor’s appointment has to fill out a sick time form.

You see fools are born every day.

I ignored Bob’s idiotic memo. The idea that you would want to tell your employees not to eat at their desks was insulting.

As for the sick time thing, don’t even get me started. These were salaried employees we were talking about. If they wanted to see the doctor, then you should let them see the doctor.

I told myself at the time that I would remember this as something I would never do when I became a CEO.

You should only care about the output of your employees, not their eating habits.

How petty can you be? If you’re focused on where your employees are eating, then you’re focused on the wrong things.

Worry about your employees output, not where they eat.

Have good free food available for your employees if you want to incentivize them to eat at their desks.

If you do the math, you’ll likely find out that catering food for your team is a big money-saver and efficiency-improver. Just make sure the food is good, and you’ll find the majority of your team will be eating at their desks.

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