Have you ever been confronted for wearing something inappropriate in public?

So many times I’ve lost count really.

See, I seem to be missing a sense of modesty. In my mind, really anything for any occasion is appropriate. After all all women have bodies, and all people come into this world naked. So i never really understood the big deal with covering it, Even now living in such a conservative country.

  1. It all started as young as 2 actually, I used to take off all my clothes and diaper and just run around nude, I couldn’t keep anything on. I can’t quite remember anyone confronting me, But i’m sure my parents did.
  2. I was 13, My go to outfit was this Miro mini black skirt, sequin skull shirt and black high heels. My family was grocery shopping, and it also happened to be spring break in the town i was living in, It was like, The Spring Break capital. Anyways these two guys that were totally high, confronted me, They said “How can you dress like that near your poor mother” My mother never having any problems with it laughed, and i told them there’s nothing wrong with the way i’m dressed, they replied with how short my skirt is and how i was too young and beautiful to be dressing that way.
  3. I was 15, At this time i went to Disney World literally everyday since i lived so close. I would say at this time, I had a establish sense of style, and everything in my closet was (and still is) a abundance of mini dresses, short skirts, crop tops and high heels. At that time i was wear a white V crop top, a animal print aqua mini skirt and aqua heels. I was standing in line for a ride in Epcot, when there’s this middle aged couple standing behind me. I quietly heard the women say “That’s so inappropriate for her to wear such a outfit to Disney World” Then i heard the guy quietly reply “What’s wrong with her outfit? She’s not showing too much and she looks good” then i heard the woman let out a moan and say “She’s just showing too much skin, It’s too much” Then her husband got my attention and said i was looking great and he loved my outfit.
  4. This is the most recent occurrence, Just a few months ago on my 20th birthday, I was visiting home and we went to Sea World. I was wearing the only long skirt i own, This black wrap skirt with a slit up the thigh to the hip, a pink lace crop top and pink heels. We were in the security line getting our bags checked as this woman looks down at my skirt and then immediately walks to this group of security guys, They all walk over, then the woman says “How can you wear that? We can see everything, We can’t let you in” And i freaked out, because i never wear long skirts and was feeling very covered that day. I looked down and said “you can’t see anything but my thigh..” All of the guy security guards agreed and said i could go in and the lady freaked out and walked away. I found this instance particularly weird, because the skirt i was wearing was something i wore traveling through the middle east. I never had any problems before, And even the guy security guards had no issues, so i chopped it up to jealously.

I’ve had many other small instances, But most were just female jealously, And now living in India, A very modest country, I still dress in my mini skirts and crop tops, and the only problems I’ve had is from my boyfriend, Wanting me to cover up.

Some photos of my style

Last week, Late night partying in Mumbai

Diwali last year in New Dehli

Last week

A few months ago visiting my family in Orlando

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