Have you ever ordered a steak cooked "blue"?

I always order my steak blue but I hardly ever get it that way.

Almost every time I go to a restaurant and I ask for my steak cooked blue, the server is always confused. I live in the US, I think that has something to do with it. Either people don’t know what blue means, they think I must not really mean blue, or they won’t cook it like that because “reasons”.

One time I was at an Outback Steakhouse and when the served asked me how I wanted my steak cooked, I said “blue” like I always do. He said “excuse me?” in a polite way. Maybe he didn’t hear me. I repeated “I’d like it cooked blue please”. He says ok, finished the order, and went to the kitchen. He probably figured the cook would know what that meant so he didn’t ask me. But he came back to ask what I meant by that. I said “less than rare. Seared on the outside and cool in the middle”. He seemed shocked, that wasn’t surprising. I’ve gotten many disgusted looks and comments about how I like my steak. My steak came out and it was cooked rare.

Now I’m not one to make a fuss or complain. Plus I was hungry, and I don’t want to cause trouble and send the food back. I’ll eat it as is. If it was cooked medium I would’ve said something, but rare is fine by me. I like to think the cook had just never gotten that request and was afraid of sending out raw food, but the cynic in me can imagine a conversation like “eww no way I’m not doing that. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. It’ll be rare and she won’t know the difference”. People seem to have an aversion to rare steak, and ordering a blue steak really freaks people out.

I still order my steaks blue because it’s the best way of telling them I want it rare. When I order a rare steak, it always seems to be over cooked. I’ve just accepted that if I want a blue steak, I’ll have to cook it myself.

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