Have you ever walked out of a restaurant, after you were seated by a waiter/waitress?

Yes. Crazy story here. So have a seat!

We had family visiting us from out of state. My sister had been following a “POPULAR” local eatery on FB and requested we go there on their visit. We, ourselves, had never been there.

I called ahead to see if we needed a reservation since there were 11 of us. They said no.

We arrived at the restaurant and the host looks at my 10-year-old niece and makes a snide comment to her about her father being a Yankees fan since he was wearing a Yankee shirt. We thought it odd, but laughed it off.

He brings ELEVEN of us, seven of us being full grown adults, and the other four being children ages 10 through 13, to a table for SIX (6). I am not kidding! They somehow put two small tables together and arranged 11 chairs around it. There was NO WAY possible we were fitting or for our plates to fit. There were plenty of empty tables near us so we grabbed a table for FOUR next to us and the other seven stayed at the other table. Worked out beautifully.

Well, HOST guy comes over and yells to us, “NOPE! You have your assigned table there. Get up! You cannot have this extra table!”

I very nicely explain that it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to all fit there and if the extra table we took is for a reservation then we apologize, and if they can't accommodate us, then we will leave but would like to make a reservation for better seating for a future date. Mind you, the restaurant is 90% empty. There are only two more occupied tables.

The HOST says in a very NASTY tone, “No, that extra table is not reserved. That is for other people who will be coming in throughout the day!”

Makes no sense, so I say, “Okay. We're out!”

We start leaving and the NASTY HOST says, “FUCK Y'ALL! I HOPE YOUR KIDS GET KIDNAPPED!”

What the Hell? Sorry sir, now you just POKED Mama Bear(s) and Papa Bear(s). Needless to say, I lashed out, my family members lashed out. Some crazy customer got involved. It was a Sh*t Show for sure. My mother got the kids out of there. By the time we adults got out of there, Mr. HOST was hiding behind the counter behind two waitresses.

It was a hard time calming my husband and brother down and not allowing them to beat the life out of this man. Let me tell you.

What a crazy thing for a man to say about someone's children. We should have known from our initial “greeting” that this guy had mental issues.

We found out that it is family run and this is how the HOST usually is. They consider it “harmless charm” and his sarcastic banter adds fun to the place. Uh, no…

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