Honestly, do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?

Honestly, do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?

With makeup.

Can you find boys who legitimately prefer girls without makeup? Sure.

Can you find boys who recognize the difference between lightly applied “natural” makeup, and actually no makeup? Eh…there are some of us, but we’re not common.

To a lot of guys, this is “no makeup”

Fellas. Just because she isn’t wearing obvious makeup doesn’t mean there isn’t any.

A lot of guys see no or “natural” toned lipstick and think “Ah, no makeup”. In those first three images, look at the eyes. That’s the giveaway. Eyeliner or eyeshadow. We’re so used to seeing it, most of us just don’t notice it unless it’s dramatic,

or actually absent.

Now, these two still happen to look lovely without makeup.

Here’s a hint. If she looks “tired”, but is acting energetic, there’s a good chance she just didn’t wear makeup today.

You can find guys that both recognize what no-makeup really looks like, and prefer it. But most guys are so accustomed to it, we really don’t know what girls look like without, and so it just seems odd.

I think it’s fair to say that most guys prefer girls with makeup, either “natural”,

or obvious.


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