How do people react when they find out you're a millionaire?

So it went like this….

Friend of a Friend: “I’m soooo sorry for the loss of your son. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. I don’t think I could be as strong as you.”

Me: “Thank you. The first three years were beyond hard. One of the hardest, was our finances…we lost everything. But our lawyers finally settled with the doctors and hospital and we got our lawsuit claim not long ago.”

Friend of a Friend: “Oh ya, Monica mentioned that you got a huge pay out. Won’t bring your son back but it must be nice.” He reaches into the inside pocket of his jacket and hands me a letter. With a sheepish smile and a firm hug, he walks away.

I open the letter and it reads:

ABC Financial Group…Dear Ms…. At ABC Financial we pride ourselves on the very best client service helping you grow your wealth. If I can be of any service to you as your Financial Planner, please contact me at…..


Another incident…

Sales agent:“So you’re going to pay for this car in CASH?”

Me: “ Ya. I don’t want any car payments on a depreciating asset.”

Sales agent: “But we don’t make money on cash deals. We make money on the financing.”

Me: “So? “ I looked at him with that bunched up eyebrow look like someone just double-dipped in the salsa.

Sales agent: “Ok ma’am, then why don’t you upgrade to the premium package? Clearly you can afford it”, he smiles and with a wink of an eye and a clenched hand, he reaches across the desk and lightly punches my arm.

F***in greasy car salesman!! I left and went elsewhere.

Another example…

My husband: “Found out from Tim (his brother) that dad wrote me out of the will.”

Me: “ What the hell? I told you not to tell him how much we got from the lawsuit. It’s none of his business.”

My husband: “I didn’t. Dad must have put two and two together with the new toys and the house we built.”

Me: “Well that’s sad. You’re his son just like the others and you should be treated no differently. You shouldn’t be penalized because we have money.”

Moral of the story? Once people know you have money, it’s all about how they can benefit.

After my son died, I had strangers show me the best love and support and some friends and family show me the worst. You just never know who will pull through at your darkest hours. When you have money, it’s exactly the same. I’m the same person I was when I was penniless but many of those around me changed.

“Money only magnifies the person you were BEFORE you had money. If you were selfish and cheap BEFORE you had money, you’ll only be MORE selfish and cheap after. If you gave back BEFORE, you’ll give back MORE after…”

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