If leggings are worn as tight pants, how much more revealing can we get once it goes out of style?

Obviously this was a rhetorical question…..but let’s address something.

I’m not a leggings expert (and yes, they do exist) but I did notice their evolution. It seems to have started in colder climates where gals wanted to keep wearing their dresses/skirts and yet still maintain some semblance of warmth. Enter ‘leggings’…..a thicker and opaque pantyhose or form of tights.

Most characteristic of early leggings were that they were NOT intended to be worn as pants; the material wasn’t think enough to stop semi-transparency….you could see panties under the fabric. Also, the center seam was often thick, bunched-up and rather bulky. Indeed, early leggings were thicker version of tights or pantyhose.

Over time gals started wearing them in a more exposed manner. Manufacturers saw the interest and demand rise and so colors, patterns and variations started to develop. At some point it became evident that the section above the legs needed to be made to endure the light of day….and so seams were made straight, small and even. Fabric became thicker or finer so transparency was reduced. Today women often refer to this as the squat-test.

My growing up in the 80’s, I saw Jordache and Calvin Klein jeans so tight that they essentially were little different then leggings. Today the lines are blurred and for that matter you can go back to the 60’s where gals wore non-denim pants that were so tight that they too could be almost leggings.

I don’t think leggings will ever go out of style….they’re too comfortable, practical, inexpensive, fashionable, versatile and downright awesome. How much more revealing can we get? I suppose a version of short-shorts made of spandex or perhaps sections that are transparent. Who knows, who cares….a world without leggings is not something anyone but a muslim is interested in living in.

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