If you could change one thing about 21st century fashion, what would it be?

I’ve waited a long time to answer this question!

I would kill the romper! Murder it! Dice it! Skin it! Toss them all on a thousand foot catwalk and back into the flaming hell furnace they were created from.

Now, I have many fashion trends I despise but none of them grate me like the romper does. Maybe it’s because I’m tall, or that the romper was intended for women who neither have a derriere or a chest, or that I’m secretly gargantuan and have far too long of a torso and no one’s ever told me, but they look hideous on me. Which is a real travesty because you can’t go anywhere in this world without picking up a cute dress and finding the stupidest thing in the world -a shirt + shorts (*insert eye roll).

wtf is this?

I remember the first time I ever tried on a romper, looking at myself in the (Target) mirror dejected. At that very moment, I shrugged, picked myself up and told myself the romper was one of those trendy things that die out….except as you all well and know the romper has not died out!

if anything it’s gotten worse…

I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s this Forever 21 Coachella faux feminism infused society we live in-or the fact that I live in California….but the romper continues to remain relevant and I continue to pray for its (untimely) death.

It’s not just that I hate rompers, or that I look reeally bad in them, it’s not even that you can’t totally wear them with a bra (god forbid bra straps) or that the material and print is 95% of the time so utterly trash, or that they give you the two for one camel toe + unconquerable wedgie package in one, it’s not even you can’t go to the bathroom in them, or like- hook up with that super cute guy in your summer math class behind the bleachers, but that the girls who do donne the romper always strike me generic and dumb and devoid of all inner character, intelligence, and beauty?

In conclusion…

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