If you have ever eaten food prepared by Gordon Ramsay, do you believe it is worth the hype?

I have not had any food made by him, but I have tried 2 of his restaurants.

Gordon Ramsay Steak


Gordon Ramsay Burger

I was impressed with one and meh with another.

Let’s go with meh first.

So I ordered Hell’s Kitchen burger and my gf went with UK Burger, so I got to try those 2, we had order of Truffle Parmesan fries and sweet potato fries for the table.
We got our burgers medium rare, the meat was really good, no complaints about that, it was perfectly medium rare and the bite in the burger was tasty, roasted jalapeno really added to the taste of the burger, but there was not a wow factor to this. Maybe I had really high expectation just because it’s Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. I didn't really read any reviews before going, and I do that always, so that did not increase my expectation or anything. The Parmesan fries were dry, and sweet potato fries were not crispy. So they were not even okay in my opinion. The reason I could say this was because have a look at this burger

This burger, the first bite I took, I went into food nirvana, you could see it on my face and my expressions, I took forever to eat that first bite, because I didn't want that taste to go away from my mouth. And that's what I call a perfect burger, so I guess my expectations were bit too high for Gordon Ramsay’s burger place. But then also, it wasn't a super fancy high priced place either. It was same price as this other burger which I loved. And those sweet potato tater tots are the best thing I ever had.

EDIT: Lot of people asked me about where this burger was from, so just leaving this here
California Burger Co.

It’s a place in South Lake Tahoe, totally worth the wait time.

The steak place though,

“Mind Blown”

Now this might just be coming from the fact that I never had a steak better than this, which I believe exists for sure because this is no Michelin starred place. But let’s see some pics and go over what made it the best.

So first of all, they bring out this trolley to show you all the cuts, the server goes over each and every cut, the age of the steak and the texture, and how you would want each of those, some she said you want rare, some you want medium rare. Well this doesn't really add to the taste, but really helps you make up your mind on what to order.

I got to try two as I ordered the beef wellington, and everyone knows that’s Gordon Ramsay’s specialty, so I had to go with this one, and heck yeah it was amazing, perfect steak with the buttery puff pastry, oh my goodness. Ordered it medium rare as was suggested, and wouldn’t have done it any other way. It was juicy and crispy at the same time. It was amazing and everyone loved this. And obviously everyone ordered this, I mean come on we are at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant how can you not.

Another highlight for me was this American Wagyu filet, this one, as described by the server, will melt in your mouth. How does that happen with a steak you ask, this steak right here is the answer. It for sure melts in your mouth, you can order it rare/medium rare. We got this one medium rare, but next time I go I am definitely trying this as rare. You take a bite of this and you will be in food nirvana that I talked about before.
As I got so many upvotes I thought I will go ahead and update this with another 2 amazing things I had at the restaurant. First of all I am not a big dessert person, I love dessert, but for me 2–3 spoonfuls are good enough to satisfy my cravings for dessert if I have those craving.
The dessert that we ended up ordering were

Sticky toffee pudding and Chocolate Pot de creme.

These desserts were amazing, I really liked the chocolate cream one more than the sticky toffee pudding, because the sticky toffee pudding was a little too sweet for me. But only comparatively more, because I enjoyed both of them, and I couldn't stop after that 2–3 spoonfuls which I talked about before. And I would suggest you get the sticky toffee pudding for sure if you happen to go here.

Overall the dining experience was amazing, we had a lot of fun and all of us are very keen on going back to this place when we end up in Vegas again. So yes the steak place really did stand out and I would suggest this place to everyone and it for sure is worth the Hype.

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