Is Elon Musk crazy?

Originally Answered: Is Elon Musk going crazy?

You wake up at five in the morning, in an office chair. A twinge of pain shoots through your back, but you get up anyway. Opening your office’s door, you’re welcomed by the rending of steel on steel — to the noise of a factory. To your factory.

Your prison.

You haven’t left the factory in a week. You’ve worked several 24 hour days, and are still losing sleep on the days you haven’t.

Yet, it’s fine. Everything is fine. Sure, your production is behind. Sure, you bombed your last conference call. Sure, your stock is down. Sure, you’re spending too much time here at TESLA, when you should really be offering more time to SpaceX, Hyperloop, and the Boring Company…


Though, there’s just not enough time right now. No matter how much you try managing it, it seems like there’s never enough. If only you could somehow find a way to slow time down…

Wait, can you? Nevermind, you can shoot that idea to R&D later today. Right now, you need to focus.

You need this car to work. It has to work. It will. It will change the world — it just needs a little more time. As for you, a little caffeine and Ambien is all you need.

Maybe you should let yourself relax… Take a break. Scroll through twitter.

The world loves you. This will work out. Things always have, haven’t they? For crying out loud, you’re Elon Musk!

Right now, Elon Musk is being pulled in a million different directions. The man has started over half a dozen tech companies, and has dipped his hands in countless more.

I’m a skeptic of Musk and those who herald him as a “genius”. He’s not going to make it to Mars by 2024 (NASA will probably have beaten him by the time he does), his “Hyperloop” won’t be capable of the initially proposed 1,000 mph travel (if it’s ever built), and his attempts to conceive AI will be infertile until we master quantum processing (and, as Richard Feynman once put it, "if you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics”). Musk is a trailblazing businessman, not some super-scientist.

That said, there’s no denying Musk’s footprint on the world. He’s inspired countless people, and his successful ventures have benefited countless more. In the coming century I expect him to be remembered as a critical stepping stone toward scientific progress, in the vein of Jobs, Tesla, or Edison. I’ll admit he’s made a recent string of mistakes (this article from the New York Times should bring the unaware up to speed: Elon Musk Details ‘Excruciating’ Personal Toll of Tesla Turmoil). However, I think he should be given some amount of grace.

From what I’ve gleaned, Musk is a man who’ll settle for nothing less than the actualization of his vision for the world. It’s his greatest strength, and greatest weakness. Is he crazy? Hell yeah. However, last I checked, it’s the crazy people who shake things up.

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