Is it okay to walk around in a sheer top and mini skirt with no panties underneath?

That depends, are you walking up the stairs in front of me? Then sure!!!

Jokes aside, I live in NYC. We see ALL types of clothing here every day, from girls with no bras and see through shirts, to topless women (it is legal to be topless here) to girls with skirts so short you can see their ass cheeks, or whatever else might be hanging down. Some guys dress equally provocatively, though less revealing, usually.

As far as is it ok, well, of course it is, we are born naked and nudity or parts of our bodies are not actually offensive or immoral. No one sees a baby naked and thinks how immoral it is, or how wrong. Nudity is just a part of life, and some people do not have the kind of hang ups that others do about people seeing their bodies. Others enjoy it for one reason or another, like it is a turn on to them, or they feel comfortable, or they like the attention it gets them.

I dated one girl who rarely wore panties if she was wearing a skirt. Did her skirt ever get blown up by the wind? Sure, and she pushed it down. If someone gave her a compliment if they saw something, she thanked them or smiled. She wasn’t looking to get laid, she liked the way it felt dressed like that and was comfortable.

Another girl I know does the same thing, but for her it is both a turn on for her, plus she likes the attention focused on her. She likes when guys are attracted to her and want to fuck her. Nothing wrong with that, she is more honest than many people out there.

The only times this is inappropriate is if you are going to a function that has a certain dress code, or you are doing it for reasons that do not make you feel good. Think of it this way, if you dress like that but come home and complain that all the guys were looking at you and wanted to fuck you, then you probably shouldn’t dress like that. But if you are comfortable, and it is legal, than what’s the problem?

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