My dad accidentally saw me without a top or a bra on and I feel embarrassed. What should I do? I’m 15.

I’ve re-read this a few times thinking to myself…” Is this just a little TOO FAR to share or way too much of a TMI thing and please, anybody, tell me if it something I should maybe not keep posted….

I am a father of 2 grown daughters. My oldest is a little less shy about this subject though doesn’t exactly flaunt herself either. My youngest is less bold but isn’t exactly totally shy as well but we’ve always respected each others privacy and kept ourselves covered respectfully.

Before I continue the stories of what we, as a family with someone else in the same rooms I only want to stress that we are not “one of THOSE families” kind of thing….

My oldest, while giving birth asked me to ‘video tape’ the entirety for her. Everything including the actual birth taking place. The nurses thought I was inappropriately doing so and asked me to stop with a “what the hell kind of father/person are you anyway?” look on their faces as I embarrassingly stopped the filming of my granddaughters birth. My wife saw this happening and informed my daughter. In the middle of the straining and the intense pain she was going through after my wife informing her of what happen, she yelled at me at the top of her lungs kind of thing, they probably heard her down the hall of the hospital to “DAMMIT, DADDY!!!! I TOLD YOU TO FILM THIS FOR ME!!!” to make her point to the medical staff that I am not some sicko. Now, while I’m video taping this for my “little precious princess” (her title all her life) I was NOT looking at what I was filming in any other aspect other than I was taping this beautiful moment for my daughter to cherish her entire life. No perversion. I wasn’t drooling at what I was looking at…. she is MY DAUGHTER! Nothing more. ——-Now, I haven’t seen the video and I will never see the video. I have no reason to. Not out of anything but it being inappropriate to do so. At the time, it was a favor she requested. I obliged.

Fast forward to a few years later…. again guys, we are not weirdo perverted incestual freaks!!! I had an infection in my blood stream that gave me abscesses in the most uncomfortable location imaginable… just exactly where you place your weight when sitting. The pain of these are intense. When ready they are like a huge zit and must be cut open with a razor blade. My wife recently had hand surgery so she could not help or, at least she would be in extreme pain but still would have done so for me. The previously mentioned daughter had offered many times as I reluctantly refused the offer out of embarrassment for obvious reasons. Days continued for this thing to be ‘ready” and then it was time…. My wife talked to me about the daughter doing it so I obliged. Drop ‘em. face down, seeing everything in the position I was in but it was all a profession type of experience for both of us.

Today she is a nurse in a professional career. We (or should I say) SHE still joke(s) about it to each other once in a while for the embarrassment to me, I’m sure.

My point to this one is, when I was doing the video of the birth, I wasn’t looking at her. When she helped me with my situation, she wasn’t looking at me. Your father saw you were topless and didn’t see a thing…. Trust me, his brain kicked in to save you from embarrassment faster than he could actually picture what had happen. Trust me on this one.

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