We still widely use a floppy as the icon for saving a file. What would be a more appropriate icon for a generation that has never seen a floppy disk, or even a hard drive?

Floppy disk icon is the best.

Who cares if the new generation hasn’t seen a floppy disk? Have they seen two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen? No! But they drink water. :)

We haven’t changed the save icon from “floppy” to “cd” and we don’t need to change it to something else.

Why do we use a question mark (?) at the end of a question sentence? Is there a problem? There are things and they are just the way they are. There is no “why?”. Why are we using the “phone” icon in a smartphone? Shouldn’t it be a “smartphone” icon? If we do so; don’t we have to use different types of icon? If you have a “home button” on your phone, then you should use an icon with ”home button”.

Let’s say we changed the save icon into a another one. Now; who will get used to it? How long will it take? If we use a hard drive or SSD icon instead of a floppy icon, then what will we use for the hard drive or the SSD? Using “USB Drive icon” is no good either as the save icon. Who knows, it may save it to the flash drive.

There used to be car windows with a spinning hand that lets you pull the window down. (Some cars still have that at the back seat windows) We now have buttons to do the job, but we still use the same hand gesture (at least in my country) to tell someone in the car to open the window. Do you expect them to tell you that they have a button for the window?

There is a new “save icon” I keep seeing. Which is actually “ download icon”. Some people may think it is “save icon” but it is not. Open the “paint” draw something than press the “floppy icon” to save it. There is no down arrow…

By the way, the new generation hasn’t seen the Morse code, why do we still have it? Let’s bury it in the past. Shall we?

Here is a picture of a “floppy disk” and a “floppy disk drive” for the new generation to see. (Only for those who haven’t seen them.)

Thank You…

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