What are simple hacks that fast food restaurants use to rip off people?

For starters, I haven’t ripped people off at restaurants. My drawer was always perfect, people steal from it if it’s not me on it and I caught someone taking a $10, so from then on it’s my drawer. Plus my kitchen is clean head to toe and everything is labelled, my freezers fully stocked and my lines are broke down. Then there’s the eagle eye to watch for scams or any other problems and I seldom missed them. Here we are, arriving to my top best scams list after running 3 restaurants, two of them 24/7s on graveyard shift.

11:) Tip jar theft: Everyone getting tipped from the jar but someone decided to take that $10 or $20 before time to split the spoils of war. That rips off the customer because their money went to a dishonest employee, especially if you had someone else in mind when you dropped it in there

10: Smoke break robberies: someone taking a smoke break and either pretend they were robbed after hiding or dropping money out back. Smoke break robberies also include employees looking for unfamiliar cars with or without out of state license plates looking for bonus phones or drugs or whatever really. Camera software has made it nearly impossible for years and years now. It’s happened.

9: The quality control portion control skimp: When you get a little helping of crud due to being out of something or to get out of prepping altogether. I saw it a lot every where, even scrapping burnt cruddy sauce off barbecue burgers and reseasoned, old fries, not enough mushrooms on a sirloin, broken carrot cakes, broken fries. The never ending list. Even caught owners doing it from time to time.

8: The laborhand skimp: You, the customer are paying this guy to actually twiddle his thumbs or talk instead of not cleaning up after themselves or bother storing things properly, often times damaging microwaves. People excpect good service in a clean kitchen, there’s no point pissing your career in the wind because of a text message or fellow coworkers frequent chit chat. This applies to drinking and drug use which impairs your ability to function. It’s not rocket science to people who worked in restaurants but it is for millenials who didn’t see the changes in kitchen equipment even down to the salamander toasters.

7: The incorrect change count out and currency fraud: There’s no way to know if a waitor handed out fraud money except if he checks but rehanding out $20 or less is real frequent, so….careful on them bills you get back and make sure they gave you back every red cent. it’s the only way to get a good drawer like mine always was.

6: Credit card fraud: The intentional act or attempting of authorizing let’s say a $100 tip instead of a $10. Nobody got away with it on my clock and sometimes it was obvious like a $16 authorize on a $5 tip. I never authorized but what the customer wrote. I’ve seen terrible writing coverup jobs, none of them passed. Credit card fraud also involves finding one and keeping it, going on a binge or even customer gift cards

5: The split tab and check: the server or counter person finds a meal, discounts it and leaves various drinks open, moving them into checks, splitting them off after collecting moneys, and gaining an average of $4 a check extra. It’s theft from the company, i’ve seen it happen. Also happens with food. Inferior equipment also allows for it. Oh well.

4: The sympathy card: OMG the darndest thing happen. I have another pregnant waitress trying to pay for college. But wind up in the darndest crises. Do what you want with your money, but you don’t have to fall for it. This also applies to pushy server bartenders about it. Boy that won’t fly around me.

3: The associated charity cause with mega labor and overhead and often founded by the owners who still donate to themselves claiming 501(c)(3). Possibly even that taco bell Scholarship plus contracted employment from the beneficiary (understandable for a scholarship). All off of your spare change, well spent sirs and ma’am’s. Sure was well spent really

2: The mafia owns it and possibly the associated charities and clubs. I’ve seen that, too. Damn. They’ll also build buildings like bars and 24/7 diners right beside each other. They’ll cross-cross supplies and food because it’s more expensive here or there. Or resell ready to eat food by further cooking it. Plus sell drugs because they’re rich and buy all the land and build apartments you rent. You’re probably paying for your damnation every cheeseburger and large fry. Ouch

1: Price gouging. This comes in all forms: the expensive bar. The expensive jukebox. The expensive claw you never win. The expensive vending machines. The expensive meal somebody somewhere makes a million a year on. It’s also things like sudden random abnormal up charging. interestingly enough everywhere and everything can still be quite popular. And somehow, someways you’re probably paying your own salary working for anyone and paying rent

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