What are some facts about Hitler?

Suprisingly (not), as it turns out there's more to the world's most Notorious Dictator than meets the eye. A man whose legacy be it of pain and destruction is nearly unrivaled, Historian Friedrich Meinecke - Wikipedia described Hitler as "one of the great examples of the singular and incalculable power of personality in historical life".

So, here are some facts about the German Hell Raiser.

1. He Spied On The Nazi Party Before Joining Them

Now how about that for an irony.

2. Hitler Lived In Homeless Shelters For A Period.

As history will have it, turns out after being rejected by an art academy (twice) teenage Hitler was forced to roam the streets of Vienna and experience the Homeless life.

3. Hitler Was Awarded The Iron Cross First Class

The Führer was awarded the Iron Cross First Class for exceptional military service. Suprisingly what Hitler did is legal in Germany.

4. Shicklgruber Was His Original Family Name

Adolf Hitler more accurately Adolf Shicklgruber got his last name “Hitler” with it being more synonymous with the murder of six million Jews.

5. Hitler Was "Nationless" For Seven Years

6. Whistling When You Wish Upon A Star Was One Of Hitler's Hobbies

7. Hitler Was Temporarily Blinded At Least Once

8. It Is Likely He Had Parkinson's Disease

This is still a topic of Debate to Historians, but is it possible that the world's most Notorious Dictator suffered from Parkinson's disease - Wikipedia.

9. He Never Set Foot In A Concentration Camp

This i honestly find surprising, people say maybe it's because the camps are located in the east but I honestly find it hard to believe that he didn't visit the camps he created that are reposible for the death of the better half of 11 million people.

10. Hitler Was TIME Magazine's Man Of The Year For 1938

11. He Contemplated Being A Priest During His Childhood

12. Hitler Crafted Laws Against Animal Cruelty

Owh come on, after all the gassing, murder and scaring of millions.. Hmmm

13. He Was Prescribed Cocaine - And Took It Twice A Day

Hahaha, ow……. Ahhh, it says prescribed

14. Hitler Was Nominated For The 1939 Nobel Peace Prize

Kind of makes you wonder who were responsible for this awards back then.

15. Hitler Was Injected With Bull Testicle Extract

Good gracious, first cocaine now this… His poor wife.

16. He Shaved His Moustache Because It Nearly Killed Him

Turns out Hitlers all too famous mustache came to be when his previous mustache nearly killed. During a mustard gas attack in the First World War he couldn't get his gas mask on perfectly which nearly resulted in his death. As a result he was ordered to shave it and he shaved it into…. Voilà

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Adolf Hitler

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