What are some rare signs of emotional maturity?

Emotional maturity is actually pretty rare. It is the opposite of what a lot of people demonstrate:

  1. Mature people are not selfish. I have seen a lot of people on Quora recommend the opposite; but a selfish person is a childish person who does not yet have the maturity to be able to look after others as well as themselves. Mature people have values that include other peoples’ welfare, not just their own.
  2. Mature people are grateful and gracious. They understand that a person has gone to some trouble on their behalf and appreciate it. They are big enough to say so.
  3. Mature people don’t blame everyone else when things go wrong. They are capable of taking responsibility for their actions.
  4. Mature people have some sense of purpose in their life and are capable of the self-discipline required to achieve their goals.
  5. Mature men don’t see women as there for their gratification and they don’t hate women. Mature women do the equivalent. They understand that the sexes are different but this doesn’t make them angry and accusatory all of the time.
  6. Mature men don’t turn their wives into their mothers. They are sufficiently mature to be able to look after the basics of life without being dependent on someone else to pick their clothes up off the floor, cook a healthy meal and load the washing machine. They know how to clean up their own messes.
  7. Mature people do not practice tit-for-tat paybacks. They are not suspicious of everyone and they don’t have a chip on their shoulder.
  8. Mature people don’t boast and brag; only care about status symbols and judge people on their looks, social class or wealth.
  9. Mature people are capable of being faithful and reliable. They care about their family and show it.
  10. Mature people have self-awareness and are able to be vulnerable. They can control their emotions because they are aware of them.
  11. Mature people can negotiate solutions and solve problems. They have sufficient self control to be able to work their way through a problem without causing World War 3 or going into an emotional bunker until it all goes away.
  12. Mature people are not cynics but are emotionally generous. They can praise when they should and show their feelings. They operate on a realistic but optimistic view of life.
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