What brand of clothing makes you cringe every time you see someone wearing it?

Balenciaga! Well, not everything from Balenciaga. Sometimes, it’s a hit and miss for me.

But, I can say that the good old days of Balenciaga were gone.

This fashion house founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1917 used to produce amazing couture pieces that are now considered as classical pieces of art in the fashion world. Now, the fashion house opted for designs that are very contemporary due to the rise of the casual trend. Social media influencers, fashionistas and even celebrities are mostly seen rocking trends that are inspired by sportswear - sneakers and sweatshirts.

I really don’t get it why Balenciaga have been releasing designs such as this one. I don’t like it.

Yes, it’s original. I’ve never seen such style before. But, would I buy it for $1,290? No. I would rather have a piece custom-made. That price tag is insane.

Balenciaga went from this.

And, now here’s Balenciaga.

I’ve seen other luxury fashion houses embraced the popularity of the casualisation but they never went down to something like a grandma would wear. Want more?

The photography is amazing! The styling looks like the models are part of a period film set in the 80s. Some people will consider the ensembles stylish but I find it very regular. You can copy this look with pieces sold in department stores and flea markets. There’s nothing luxury with these looks.

This look is very chic! But, look at that hideous bag!

Hell, no!

The new Balenciaga and the old Balenciaga.


Not for me.

I hope I am not offending someone who adores this kind of style. The price is not really worth it for something that looks very regular to me. It’s just my personal opinion and style preference.

But, I still love some pieces Balenciaga has to offer. Look at these gorgeous tailored pieces.

Balenciaga Summer 2019

Balenciaga Winter 2018

Most pieces are a reminisce of the old time Balenciaga which I am very happy.


No. Just no! It’s something I’d rather wear at home lounging while watching YouTube videos and wasting time.

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