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Dominos delivery scam!

Yes the great dominos that brags about its policy of 30 min or free. The manager in my area fools people and never gives them pizza for free even if its very late.

I used to order pizza from dominos and the reciever (a girl always) on the other side confirmed my order and said that at my place 30 min or free policy is not valid as it is very far away. I thought it is right and recieved pizza always late. I used to order pizza 3–5 times a month.

One day my friend came to my house and as we were hungry I ordered pizza. Again!, The delivery boy came late (after 45mins). My friend said said give the pizza for free . The delivery boy made some excuses and stated that it was peak hour so the policy is not valid now. My friend knowing their tricks said that he wanted to talk to his manager. I said man let it go as the pizza shop was far from my home and we were really hungry. I paid the delivery guy. After half hour I recieved a message -”please give your feedback” with link attached, from dominos. I went there and wrote that the pizza is always late and if you can't keep your policy then why do you brag about it and from now onwards I will prefer pizza hut. After about two hours the manager called me and said that he read my feedback and he is willing to give the order amount back as the delivery was made after 30 mins and kept ranting about how much dominos is better than pizza hut. I was angry as all this time they were lying to me and fooling all the other customers(maybe? Definitely).After that the same delivery guy came and gave my money back along with a red colored sorry card from dominos. I said why you lied to me. He said that manager asked him to say that . After that whenever I ordered pizza , the pizza came in time or the delivery guy gave it for free if he exceeded the time limit. It was the same delivery guy every time, maybe he delivered in that area.

Then after some weeks the I ordered pizza again .

This time it came after 50 minutes and I asked the delivery guy to give it for free. He refused(this time the it was different delivery guy) stating my address was not proper and free delivery is not available in my area. He didn't knew how much I knew about their scam or maybe the manager hadn't told him about me . So I said that I will write negative reviews and let me talk to the manager. He tried fake calling and said it was unable to connect and I had to pay. I kept saying that i already know about their scam. He again sad said that 30 minutes or free policy was not available in my area . I was very angry and said , either give pizza for free or let me talk to your manager. He again called his manager and said in his mobile that he is trying to tell me again and again that free delivery is not available in my area . Meanwhile i said i want to talk to the manager give me phone. He said okay in his mobile and cut the call just after that. I became furious and said why you did not let me talk with your manager. He said he the manager told to take the money as delivery is not valid in your area. I was pissed off! Now. I remembered that when last time the manager called me I had saved his number. I said that I am calling the manager and i have his number and showed him. He said sir this number is not valid but still I called and the manager picked up(the delivery guy was still smiling). I told him what was going on and he said that he has already told the delivery guy to give it for free.

I had lost my temper till now. And shouted that I know about their scam and should I write another feedback?!. He said sorry and asked to talk to the delivery guy. After that I recieved the order for free !. The delivery guy said sir I can give you free only this time from next you have to pay. I was really angry and hungry and could not talk politely anymore. I said to him on top of my voice to f*** off!(that was wrong and i should not have done that). He was not looking happy . I went inside ignoring the neighbors staring me and enjoyed the pizza.

People let me tell you one thing, irrestpective of where your house is or which pizza you order even pizza mania if you recieve it after 30 minutes you can get it for free . If not then write a feedback, a negative feedback. And always try to place your order through the app so you can know the exact time in which you placed your order.(except on Christmas and new year).

Many people maybe thinking that I did this for free Pizza. Yes,because they could not fool people and take their money , it's like corruption and I can't tolerate them lying and then taking money.If it was rightfully yours then you don't need to lie, but if you are lying then you are wrong. If you want to stop corruption then you have to start from your home itself. It was not(only) because I wanted to save few hundred rupees, but because they were wrong and I will request the people reading this always stand against what is wrong however small that issue is, never compromise. The people who are doing wrong will try to compromise by bribing you or trying any other means. Never be afraid to stand for the right cause .

I also wanted to mention how they mislead you by adding extra taxes and addons and charge extra but this has already been mentioned in other answers and my answer would have been too long.

Thank you !


After you do all this boring stuff don't forget to enjoy your pizza!.

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