What do fat people eat?

The way this question is posed is rather rude. However, I do feel it’s vitally important to address because their is such a stereotypical view of overweight people that only serves to exacerbate the issue. There are a miriad of reasons that people become overweight and not all of them are because someone is a lazy sloth who mindlessly eats their way to oblivion.

I’m overweight. Very much so. I was thin all my life, very active and had the most atrocious eating habits then. I ate what I wanted and never thought about it as it always burned away. Then in 2005, my life turned upside down. My energy went down to zero. I was tired all the time and it was getting harder and harder to breath. I went to my doctor and by 2006 I was in a wheel chair with an ever changing diagnosis as I kept declining. And then I collapsed at work and when I entered the emergency room, it was found that I barely had any blood in my body. Extensive testing, transfusions, surgeries and I still don’t have a susinct diagnosis. I know that I am severely anemic, but to this day no one has been able to pin point the cause or why this happened to me. I have been poked, prodded every which way you can imagine, but the years of this sudden turn, I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never get back to the person I was.

I now walk around with half the blood volume a human being should have. On the outside I look like a normal human being. You know something isn’t quite right, because no matter the thick make-up, the dark undereye circles are still noticeable. There are other side affects that would make one think that I don’t care that much about my appearance, but they would be dead wrong. And then there is the weight. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say, I’m sick and that be it. I was as fault to a degree, as I ate as I always had at the beginning of this, but it isn’t the entire reason, the illness and my state of being contributes. I have to rectify that and the battle is made even harder with my condition.

Ironically, I now eat better than I had at my thinnest and drastically less. Daily pizza is now a 3 to 4 times a year treat. Sweets on holidays only and in moderation, they taste overly sweet now, so I’m very picky. Meaning when I cheat, it has to be the best and usually european. Diet isn’ the cause for my situation any longer. My coffee is black, no soda, water only. Drinking is out, which bites, as I loved wine. I am on a prescribed higher protein diet to get the in iron and other nutrients for hemoglobin. So, no I don’t eat like a pig. It’s so easy to gain, but hell to lose.

It’s the moving that is hard in my case. Drain half your blood and you’ll find getting up to go to the loo can be a marathon in itself depending on your counts. I can’t get get appetite suppressants, get weight loss surgery or go on any of the fad diets to lose the weight as it may literally kill me quicker than the weight itself. This means a very long arduous road. I have lost a quarter of the weight I gained. I have a long way to go and the A-holes aren’t helping.

Having been on both sides of the fence, I have to say that the treatment overweight people get compared to a thin person has just boggled my mind. You become invisible. No more are the courtesies there in opening a door for you (they are quite rare in comparison), no one stops when your broken down on the side of the road (unheard of when I was thin.), the smiles and greetings fade a great deal and all of a sudden you feel like that kid in school that never gets picked for anything at work.

When you make the efforts to improve on yourself in public, say walking, the nasty bullying insults get thrown at you from passers-by. That is the most discouraging hateful thing a person can do. Who wants to work on something when your constantly being bullied when you do it. Shouts of encouragement would go better.

Then there is the forced isolation, because someone else's right to kill themselves supersedes your right to heal yourself. Oxygen is vital. It’s something that runs through the blood stream. Therefore I cannot tolerate smoke or smog. I wear masks to help, but it does little for prolonged exposure. My biggest grief is coming out of the hospital that has signs riddled everywhere that it is a no smoking campus. Meaning no smoking on hospital property, including the outdoors. Inevitably there’s the idiot who thinks nothing of the cancer patients coming out to get to their cars after under going chemo treatment. Never mind the smoke, just a whiff of anything will make them sick, but that doesn’ include the miriad of other illnesses, including my own that just makes it excruciatingly painful to even walk to their cars. Add to that store fronts, restaurants, side walks, park trails and company picnics. I'm anti-social because I can’t be outdoors. They light up as soon as they are out the door. I am the bitch at work because I forced them to a designated smoking spot so I can get in and out of work and a bitch everywhere else. It’s just the front door folks.

Many of the things I loved to do, but could still, albeit in a diminished form are lost. I loved to hike and camp. I find it quite shocking how many people smoke that hike. I had thought a small walking trail would help and at least give something back. I can’t sit outside at a restaurant. Yes, they have no smoking sections, but it is a bit nieve to think that when you smoke that it will remain confined to your section only, especially when they are side by side. I can’t window shop or just explore the cities. There is a smoker almost everywhere. You can’t confront them and ask them anything. They are on such a defensive that by the time it would take to explain it all, I’d be collapsed on the ground. I’ve grown to hate them in an irrational way, as they take even more of what little I have left of my old life away.

I’ll hit my goal probably in another two years. It’ll take me longer because others rights superseded mine and I’ll be ostracized every step of the way. Not because they know what I am going through, but because they feed into this stereotype that if your overweight it's automatically because your a lazy good for nothing sloth.

The point of that diatribe being that unless you walk in someone's shoes you have no right, because what you see on the outside isn’t always the reality, nothing is black and white, including diets of people that are overweight.

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