What do you wear when you are alone at home?

I am a 20-year-old girl living in a beach facing apartment in Worli, Mumbai. As most people have guessed, Mumbai has terrible weather; it is hot-humid in the summers, humid in the monsoon season and cold-humid in winters, i.e. humidity is constant.

Thus, I prefer wearing short clothes, at home as well as outside. Our college has no dress code (thankfully), and I prefer wearing shorts and crop tops/tank tops/spaghetti tops. Since I am living in a posh area in Mumbai, I feel comfortable with what I wear and baring a few occasional stares, no one really bothers you.

Coming back to the question, as soon as I return home, I immediately take a shower and change into a comfortable short cotton or linen sundress. My mom often reprimands me for wearing such short dresses so then I have to wear 3/4th slacks underneath.

However, when I am home alone, I prefer stripping off every piece of clothing and staying nude. I often roam around the house nude and it feels extremely comfortable as my entire body is able to breathe freely. I can also stand in our balcony that way as I live on the top floor and no one can see our balcony.

I do make sure to bolt the door from inside, to avoid mishaps. There was an incident last year when I was watching friends while lying on the sofa naked when my 16-year-old brother walked in with 2 of his best friends, only to catch a 19-year-old girl naked in the living room. I was extremely embarrassed and ran back to my room and didn’t come out for the entire day. I threatened my brother not to mention this in front of our parents or I would expose his porn collection that I found on his laptop a little while ago.

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