What is one device you wish would go away that still exists?

Front screen camera of cellphone is one thing I wish would go away.

After I came back from my solo vacation last month, I posted some pictures of my trip on my Facebook. Then there are a lot people (especially younger generation under 25) asking me about these pictures; and I was shocked at their questions. I will post one of my pictures for this answer.

The conversation always goes like this when they see my picture:

Them: Did you go by yourself? Alone?

Me: Yes and yes, why?

Them: How did you take that picture?

Me: My phone, Samsung Note 3.

Them: NO! I mean how did you take picture that far away?

Me: Oh, you mean how did I take picture with me in the picture while standing away from the camera?

Them: Yes!

Me: Invisible extra-long selfie stick, or I tossed my phone to a rock and it hit the screen at the right angle. Seriously, I asked someone to take a picture for me, duh!

Them: Can you really do that? Asking someone? You are so weird.

WHAT! Please, younger generation on Quora, tell me if I am weird for asking a stranger to take a picture for me when I travel. I am not that old to be that disconnected from the younger generation.

Me: Uhh, Yes, you can; and it is not weird.

Them: I don’t know; it is strange. How do you do it then?

I always have a face palm moment when they ask me that question.

Me: You walk up to them and ask “excuse me, can you take a picture for me?” If they don’t speak English, you can wave your phone and point at the scene, they will know you want them to take a picture for you.

Them: That is so weird, man.

I understand that good social skill is not something that everybody possess, however the basic stuff should be there.

Addition details:

I did not expect this answer would get popular this fast. After reading a lot of comments, I will add a few things here.

First, it is safe to give a stranger (especially other travelers) your phone to take a picture for you when you are in a mountain and such. Also, If you are in a confined tourist area (Eiffel tower, Vatican, etc..), it is safe to do so. Where do you think they’re gonna run off with your phone? To the militarized police van?

Second, people in general are more than happy to help you with your picture. Etiquette taking picture 101: take at least 2 pics, and ask if the other person is ok with them if there is time.

Third, social skill 300: be aware of the surrounding area, and reading the environment and people to make the right decision is a skill.

Last, I know that the front camera is for video calling, and selfies are fun ( I do it all the time); however there are so many people that isolate themselves into a small screen nowadays. As the result, the lack of basic social and human interaction skills have became popular, it has to change (in my opinion).

Final conclusion: After reading through all the comments (thanks), I am surprised at how “dangerous” and hard It can be to ask someone to take your picture. People in general (not all) are very nice, and human interaction is amazing. Put down your phone and go out there, life is not what we see on the screen.

Here is a bonus pic for you: Flying kick to Mediterranean sea, now try that with a selfie stick if it is even possible. I asked somebody to take it for me, and they could steal my belongings while I was in the water but they did not.

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