What is something that people were better at 100 years ago?

DYING - A hundred years ago, people were able to die much earlier in life... often as early as childhood. And they often died in far more colorful ways than they do today. In the third world (which was far larger back then), the people were acknowledged pros at the whole death thing. It was only through insect-like rates of reproduction that they were able to maintain any kind of population at all.

WORKING - Going back a century, you'd find that the people who survived their childhood were solid workers. Pretty much every thing you do today which requires electricity or fuel was accomplished without those things. It was all done with inordinate amounts of hot, sweaty, back-breaking labor. Heck, most people back then put in more work in the hours before they actually started work than modern people do all day.

MARRIAGE - People tended to succeed in marriage the first time around. They usually didn't need three or four tries in order to get it right. And on average they stayed married far longer than modern folks (which is quite stunning, considering the average lifespan was far shorter).

Getting Your Shit Together - Yup... people who survived past their teen years almost always had their proverbial shit together. By age twenty, most people had moved OUT of their parents homes. They were gainfully employed, married, and had kids of their own. They didn't spend time crying into their soy milk, or whining to therapists about their angst. They weren't confused about their "gender identity". There were only two genders and yours was easily determined at the moment you were born.

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