What is the most amazing or shocking thing you know that most people don't?

These are a few things which very few know

1.Why should one end of the toothpick is designed to be like this?

We can actually use it like this

2.This is car …see the black colour flaps in middle of the picture

They ensure that you are able to shut the cardoors without much effort. How, you ask? Located behind the rear bumper, these devices allow the air to escape from the car when the doors are being closed, preventing overpressure inside the car. Without them, you’d have trouble closing the last door and it will hurt the ear drums


James Chadwick who discovered Neutrons

Was a student of Ernest Rutherford who discovered Protons

was a student of J. J. Thomson who discovered Electrons.

All of them got Nobel Prizes

4.This one too

Most of the people use this symbol incorrectly.

In general cases, they use this emoticon as a sort of person holding his hands for prayer or to request someone or in Indian terms, doing “NAMASTE”.

But, the truth is this symbol stands for 2 people doing a high-five.

5.Do you know,

A person can develop Green Blood. Something like this-

Yup it happens.

Sulfhemoglobinemia is a rare condition when a person starts developing green Blood

5.Japan police do nothing

Yes…you heard that right…due to an extremely low crime rate in Japan, Japanese police literally do nothing. On an average, there is less than 1% chance of crime for every 100,000 people in Japan.

There was only one incident of murder last year in Japan. Yes just one!

6.This one for very useful and imp

If you are running out of time,and you have just 15 mins to left for officials or college and u have a 0 percent battery…no problem..put your phone on airplane mode , it will charge at double the speed…most probablyof you will have good amount of battery

7.The most important one

If you want to downlaod anything from any site witout any external downloader here is a trick.

  1. Go to that page.
  2. Press ctrl+shift+i or right click and select Inspect Element.
  3. Select the Network tab and refresh the page & play the video to get content status.
  4. You can sort the content by TYPE (tab), to easily get the video link at the bottom under the NAME(tab).
  5. Double click the video link. Voila, your download will start.

Works fine …..

For you tube

just add "ss" before 'y' in

Source google

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