What is the most awkward moment that happened to you due to your clothes?

Ok this is my first ever answer on a Quora question. Going anonymous because the incident is still embarrassing.

People have always appreciated my dress sense. Even after having a good dress sense I had “the most” embarrassing day because of one of my outfit. I still call it as “wardrobe malfunction” day.

I have a blue jumpsuit which has white printed flowers all over it. I brought that from Amazon. The jumpsuit can be wore in two style, one with one string and other by removing the strings to make it off shoulder.

I always used to wear in one string style with a shrug. But then on a following day I decided to give a try to the “off shoulder” style. It was a movie plan with my boyfriend and one of his friend. We went to watch Jungle Book. As tickets were very hard to get, his friend booked it like two days back.

It wasn't a shiny day that day, the sun was still behind the clouds. I was sure it would rain but still forgot to take my umbrella with me. Luckily, I had a stole with me to cover my hair when it rained.

As we reached the mall, it started raining and I as well my boyfriend got wet before even entering the multicomplex mall. His friend was waiting for us inside the mall. As I used the stole to cover my head and it got all wet because of the rain.

The rain stopped by the time we came out of the hall. So we decided to have lunch. We took a bus and went to place where there are many restaurants. As we got down from the bus and was deciding which restaurant to go, it started raining again. So we just ran to nearest restaurant we got. It started raining heavily. Hence the restaurant got filled in no seconds. We ordered our food. I was sitting in between the two guys. On my left near the glass wall was my boyfriend and to right was his friend.

I was the first one to finish my food. So I went to washroom to wash my hands and also do some touch up as my lipstick was gone after having food.

I am 5.1″ and because of being short the mirror they hanged with the basin was a bit high. Only my eyes were visible so I had to stand on my feet just to put lipstick on my lips.

After I was done, I went back to sit on my place. They were still eating. I saw my boyfriend looking at me with somewhat serious face indicating me something. I didn't know what. He uttered something to me like “all down” when I got nearer to him. And I was thinking like may be he was mentioning about the road going under water as flood was very common in that area. I just replied to him looking outside the glass door “no no, the road is clear”. He came closer just to whisper in my ear “everything can be seen” and with his eyes indicating my dress.

Yes my off shoulder jumpsuit was BELOW my bust. My bra is completely visible, my cleavage can be seen. I was so damn embarrassed that I immediately turned to see if his friend has noticed it too. And yes he did too, as he turned his head to other side with a tissue on his hand to wipe his mouth. In no time I pulled my jumpsuit and started checking if other customers too noticed it or not.

It was dreadful for me. For a few moment i was extremely quiet, my faced turned red (I could say as I can feel the heat on my face) and started having flashbacks as to how I came out from the washroom with my bra and cleavage all out and everyone might have noticed it. Had I not wore the shrug it would have been more visible. How I wished that time like the earth to open up and swallow me or may be if i had an invisibilty cloak.

P.S. ya I had the stole around my neck but as it got wet, it just squeezed to become a rope shaped. Never ever did I wore that jumpsuit again. Also I lost the strings of the jumpsuit after removing that day.

Edit4: all the other 3edits were because I misspelled a few words and double spelled too. After writing this, realised the answer is really long, still got 3.9k views and 12upvotes. Thanks.

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