What is the most disrespectful thing someone has done while you were shopping?

I was 11 years old and staying at my nan’s with my younger brother for the night. For a treat nan let us go to the takeaway to buy dinner and we were allowed to get a soft drink to share. I placed our order and put two straws in my bag for the drink. A man started yelling at me and accused me of shoplifting.

I was a normal sized 11 year old girl with a 7 year old next to me. The man was huge, bigger than my dad who is over 6ft. I was petrified and didn’t argue as the man grabbed my bag and emptied it. It had my change and the two straws. He made us empty our pockets and didn’t stop yelling the entire time.

The lady who served us and said we could have two straws told him we were good kids and hadn’t taken anything. He then screamed at her and said he knew what he saw.

Because we hadn’t stolen anything he didn’t find anything but still kept accusing us. I had tears streaming down my face and not a single adult in that shop helped us. There were at least 4 adults waiting for their orders.

When our food was ready I grabbed it and walked the 5 minutes home barely able to see the road. I was sobbing and we walked past a lot of people, no one asked if we were okay. We got home to nan’s and I was so upset I started throwing up. My brother explained what had happened and nan freaked out. She grabbed the food and left.

Mum told me later that nan threw the food at the shop owner, yelled at his wife who had served us and then told them that none of her employees would be placing lunch orders again. When dad found out he went down and told the wife how upset I was. She apologised to him and asked if the lunch orders could still be placed. Dad walked out.

I have never forgotten how horrible and small I felt. It was summer holidays and I had been in that takeaway multiple times for weeks. I used to talk to the lady anD thought she was nice. I was proud of the fact that I was old enough to go by myself or take my brother to help carry the food. It’s not exactly a shopping story but the disrespect was there.

edit- sorry about the broken lines. I did check before I posted, but now I know to double check after.

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