What is the most horrifying and disturbing video on the internet?

Graphic and disturbing content below!

There are a lot of killing videos on the internet!

Each more horrifying than the other.

1)I remember the most horrifying would be the the ISIS burning the Jordanian pilot alive. It was really hard to watch, more harder to watch as it was a innocent guy being burnt alive, what could have been going in his mind just minutes before the execution?

I watched it maybe 3 years back, with some friends.

They burn him alive and it shows that his jaws fall off, melting his skin away, he gets to his knees and dies off, his body rises a bit after death, because of the flames cooking up his flesh and muscles.

It was horrible and I regreted watching.

Poor young guy had so much to do in life!

2) A very disturbing video I've see is of a guy, who's known as the "Björk stalker, for a freaky reason he wanted to kill her (Björk, an Icelandic singer), because he was obsessed with her and got enraged with the fact that she was in a relationship.

He made a video diary of himself planning to kill her, for over a course of 9 months, he them finally builds a letter bomb with Sulphuric acid and send it to her residence and films himself commit suicide with a gunshot inside his mouth facing the 9mm upwards.

While the suicide itself isn't that disturbing, the fact that how he changes over the period of 9 months scares me. It truly disturbs me!

And his final moments, just before he pulls the trigger:

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