What is the smallest bikini you have ever seen someone wearing?

So I was at the beach for my newphews birthday party. We had ordered pizza and sat down and ate. My cousin, 25 or 26 at the time, just recently broke off an engagement. So, this girl walks up in the freaking tiniest bikini ever. Yeah she was trying to be “sexy” and all, but it was just weird.

This is kind of what it looked like, but the top looked more like this:

yeah this is bad, but it was a fucking see through black mesh. So I, my family and my 7 Year old nephew could see her breasts and vagina VERY clearly.

Like this; but ya know, tiny.

ANYWAY, she walked over to us, and I started to get nervous, I mean, they're were kids they're. She walked towards my cousin and got behind his beach chair, which was fairly close to mine and whispered in his ear and she licked her lips. Then she turned around, showed off her ass, fucking slapped it, and walked away. I later asked my cousin what she said. He was embarrassed, and told me that she said “I’m shooting a porno tonight, come on over, grease me all up” Now I thought this lady was weird before, but this. this was just sad. May I mention that when she said “come on over” she said it like “CUM on over”. My cousin, being the smart one said no, and then she did that ass turn away thing. anyway, sorry for the long answer, but I though I should mention this.

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