What is your opinion on Ruth's Chris steak house?

My wife works at Ruth’s Chris, so I have eaten there numerous times and I have a little insight into their food.

They buy good meat. Few people can argue that. It is USDA Prime beef, tender and flavorful. They don’t serve Wagyu beef nor do they dry age their beef. It is wet aged and cut in house, but still better than anything you’d find at a lesser steakhouse.

As with most steakhouses their biggest claims to fame are their steaks and their wine list. Both are very good, not the best in the world, but good enough to satisfy most anyone. Also, as with most steakhouses, the rest of their menu is fairly simple. They have the typical a la carte sides such as French fries, creamed spinach, asparagus with hollandaise, sautéed mushrooms, stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, etc. I have found all of these items to have been well prepared but simply prepared. If you are looking for big bold flavors and exotic preparations you aren’t going to find them at Ruth’s Chris. They don’t want anything to detract from their steaks. The portions are also large and meant for sharing.

One thing that you will find in abundance at Ruth’s Chris is butter. They put tons of butter in everything, even the steaks.

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