What should you say to a colleague if you see her wear the same shirt two work days in a row (Friday and Monday)?

Has the overwhelmingly one-sided response to this question made an impact on you yet?

There’s a simple reason why everyone has disagreed with your obvious opinion on this topic. Once you become an adult, and especially once you start working in the real world … that same sort of obnoxious middle-school behavior of not only judging another human being for stupid things like what they wear/how they look, but also of you feeling like you have some kind of “right” to go and tell them about it, TOOO?! ….. is just you being incredibly judgemental and just plain old RUDE!!!!

Even if your coworker wears the exact same thing to work every single day … it’s none of your business! Or, say, if they’re violating the company dress code—again—it’s none of your business! The bosses will see it themselves in that case and make a judgement call about whether it’s important enough to them to say something about it … because they’re the people who are in charge of that sort of thing … not you! Again, it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Get where I’m going with this?

In addition—and this is something I didn’t really see people say to you …. but I think you need to hear this, too—you’re being paid to WORK in this job … not to sit there judging other people or playing some kind of reality show in your own head about your coworkers and their ability to dress themselves according to *your* standards. I hired/fired people for office and light industrial situations for a big part of my career, and it’s childish behavior like THAT that made me hesitate to hire young people (especially young women) for many of my positions—especially not those right out of high school—because many of them were more interested in gossiping the day away about stupid shit and starting dramas between themselves that I then had to waste my time fixing …. than in doing the WORK I’d hired them to do! So take that into consideration in this situation, too! Is your boss paying you to work? Or to be the judge in your own mental reality show?

I think we both know the answer to that, too.

And—finally—if you’re still sitting there after all of this, thinking, “But none of you understand!!!! I’m trying to do something *nice* to her by telling her that people are judging her for the way she looks …. because she ~obviously~ doesn’t know that we are … or she’d dress better to make *us* happier!” …. then you REALLY have your head stuck up your own ass here … because telling someone that you have—and strongly suspect that others have, too—judged them as “unworthy” because of something that minor is NOT “nice” in any form or fashion. It’s rude as hell!

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