What's been the most mind blowing example of incompetence ever displayed by one of your coworkers?

I worked on crew at a local Wendy’s during summers in high school. It wasn’t the best work, but I was pretty good at it and could be ok with my current station, knowing that this was temporary - I was going to college and had career plans that would move me out from behind the counter.

I got to the point where my manager would put me with new hires or known problem employees to help show them how to do things and pick up their slack so they could train on-position without diminishing the performance of the store.

One guy was the exact opposite of me. He was an adult who lived with his mother. At best had a high school education. So far, this sounds like a sympathetic situation, right? That’s how I initially approached working with him, but then it soon became apparent that he thought he was awesome. Constantly talking down to me, making references to street cred or whatnot. And his general attitude was that he was too good for this shitty job and smarter than the people around him. He didn’t think it was the manager’s place to boss him around.

Well, my sympathy went out the window pretty fast. I won’t go further into his attitude except that he had no right to it. He was terrible at his job. He was the kind of guy that would respond to every request by sucking his front teeth and saying “maaaan…” as if it was too much trouble for him to do his job.

We basically put him in a position to be a low-level runner. Just go get whatever was needed to support whatever station during lunch rush. This was a job that carried low risk since normally the person working on the station would go get more of whatever was needed at their station:

  • sandwich station out of mustard? Run go get more mustard.
  • The syrup bag on Pepsi has run out? Go switch out the hose real quick to a full bag.
  • Front line frosty machine running low on frosty mix - go get more frosty mix from the walk-in cooler.

“Wait - Jarvis. Where are you?”

Jarvis:(yells from the back) I’m getting frosty mix!

  • its been about 5 minutes since we told him to get frosty mix - an eternity during lunch rush.
  • Frosty mix is a brown liquid in a large sealed plastic bag on the right shelf at eye level as you walk into the cooler.
  • what is taking Jarvis so long?

Me: just grab the bag and bring it up to the front line

  • I turn to bag a take out order.

Manager: Jarvis what are you doing?

  • I turn back to see Jarvis holding an open bag of chili meat over the frosty machine
  • Chili meat is overcooked burger meat. And it is stored in the walk-in freezer(different than the cooler).
  • You have to walk past the frosty mix and into a separate room that is much colder to get to the chili meat.

Jarvis: I’m filling the frosty machine like you wanted!

Me and manager: no that’s not frosty mix!

Jarvis: (sucks his teeth) man. How y’all want me to get some frosty mix?

Manager: just go sweep the dining room. John go refill the frosty machine.

Jarvis:(sucks teeth) man come on… mumble mumble mumble.

That’s right, after a few months of working at Wendy’s Jarvis mistook chili meat for frosty mix (and had handled both before). And had nearly ruined one of the most expensive pieces of machinery in the store.

Crisis averted and the rest of the crew shared a good laugh.

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