What's your definition of naughty?

Hello my dears, this is Kitten again.

What is naughty? Well, naughty is fun!

Specifically, “naughty” is when I deliberately bait and antagonize Sir into punishing me. It’s no fun to just demand to be spanked. A girl wants to feel owned, not like whiny brat demanding candy.

Now, Sir doesn’t specifically enjoy spanking. It isn’t his kink. But he’s willing to indulge me, and he does enjoy dominance and owning me. But the fact of the matter is that most of my “punishments” are things that I enjoy, even if he doesn’t for their own sake.

So we have a delicate game we play. Sometimes, if Sir notices I’m getting “the look”, he’ll ask if I’ve been naughty. Sometimes I admit I have, sometimes I deny it. But sometimes he doesn’t notice, especially if he’s busy with a project. So I have to misbehave a bit. Such as cleaning the living room, but leaving one thing right in the middle of the floor. Or folding the towels incorrectly. Little things that are harmless but irritating.

However, some things are off limits. Anything to do with the children, or health and safety of course. Also Sir’s tools. I once made the mistake of leaving a screwdriver out, a P2 Phillips. Unfortunately I left it on the picnic table, certain that Sir would see it, but it snowed and I forgot about it. By the time it was recovered, it was badly rusted. Sir made me hand polish it clean, which took hours, and then he decided that it was too pitted to use! He bought a new one, but he didn’t discard the pitted one. It has its own spot with his tools, and it’s the only P2 Phillips I’m allowed to use.

Anyway, back to being naughty rather than bad! The game of course is that if I’m too subtle, Sir won’t notice, but if I’m too obvious, he won’t punish me either because he knows that’s what I want, the beast! So I have to annoy him just enough to punish me, but not so much that he’ll really punish me by doing…nothing.

Then of course we must consider the venue! I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and I haven’t been on speaking terms with shame since I figured out how to masturbate. So sometimes I’m naughty in public! And then we add Sir’s usual desire to remain low-key to the game. But of course, it is a game. Obviously some venues are entirely inappropriate for the naughty game. Children’s parties, for example. But sometimes I can bait Sir into punishing me in public!

As I said, naughty is a game we play. Good girls get cuddles. Naughty girls get punished. Sometimes I want to be a good girl, and sometimes I want to be a naughty girl.

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Original question-What's your definition of naughty?

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