Where do little people shop for clothes?

I worked with a “little” man a few years ago who was a funny smart man. He told me he had to have a lot of his clothes custom made, or he could buy them online at a specialty retailer who makes casual clothing like jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, cargo pants and sweat pants for both sexes of little people. Unfortunately they were pretty expensive. He also said he sometimes could buy small clothing at regular stores and take it home to have his wife pin it up where it would fit well, and he would drop them off at a seamstress who would alter them. He said he could occasionally find a small jersey with 3/4 sleeves which would be long sleeves for him. He said it was hardest in high school and when he was a kid because his parents were normal size (he was adopted) and they pretty much made do the best they could to find him clothes. He said its much easier now with the internet! You can find anything!

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