Which are some really useful psychological tricks and facts?

So below are some of the simple psychological tricks that actually work (mostly on humans).

  • This one is (not explicitly) for the girls and ladies. If someone is staring at you in the public transportation or any other place, you just stare back at them by looking at their shoes. Don’t budge! Keep staring at their shoes.
    This will drive the person (who was earlier staring at you) really crazy.
  • If you ever want to make someone feel uncomfortable, just look at the middle of their forehead (the very spot that the lady in the below image is pointing) during the conversation.
    For most of the people, it makes them feel like they are under scrutiny or interrogation, which of course, doesn't make a person relaxed.
    Not sure why you would like to do to others but then who knows the situation may arise!
  • If someone you are talking to tries to avoid answering any question, just make a pause in the conversation by keeping an eye-contact. They will feel uncomfortable and thus will keep talking.
    Chances are they will give you more details about the issues you are interested in or they even may start telling you the truth if they were lying at first hand.
  • If you are new in some place or job or school and you want the people to like you, just ask them to explain something to you (it doesn’t matter whether you know the answer or not).
    It just improves the other person’s overall attitude towards you and earns you extra brownie points.
  • This one’s good for negotiations. If you like a person's offer in general but would like to get better conditions, prepare to be a little bit disappointed! Most of the time this trick works like a magic during the negotiation conversations.
  • If a person tries to pull you into an argument or some drama, say something nice to them. You will kill them with the kindness trick and really stops them in their tracks.
    Another technique is to remain calm and silent. There is nothing more irritating than being ignored
  • If there is any person in your team that slows down the entire work process down, don't give them task by saying ‘Do This!’. It's better to say ‘Start with this!’.
    Psychologically this will seem like there is less work because according to this phrase they would start with something really small.
    After they have done their first task, use the phrase ‘Very Good, continue with this…!’.
    This will end up them finishing what you had intended to do them in the first place.
  • When asking someone for any help, never ever start your conversation with the word “Could you…” as this would cause the person to subconsciously to assume that this is a theoretical question. Rather use the word - ‘please’
    e.g. ‘Please call the neighbour’ over ‘Could you call the neighbour?’ sounds more fulfiling to the person.
  • If any person is really concentrated on any task (like a phone call), you can extend your hand to them and get anything they are holding at the moment. They might not even remember later on you taking their objects.
    This trick works the other way around too. You can simply give them something to hold on while they are busy talking to someone and they won’t even notice.
  • If you want someone to do something to for you just say how probably they wouldn’t even be able to do it. Most people will try really hard to prove someone wrong when it comes to doubt their capabilities.
    Make sure you don’t hurt the sentiments of that person!
  • For questions, that you want to get an affirmative answer to, start nodding a little bit during the conversation. Interestingly, this will make the person more attentive to your words and they won’t even realize why!
  • If you forgot after leaving your house whether you switched off the lights or not, just use unusual and absurd phrases when doing that task and next time you will remember it. You can use phrases like “Upvoted Answer” when turning your red iron off before leaving the house.

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