Who has the world's most beautiful face?

I want you read this Akbar-Birbal story:

Akbar once said to his ministers that his grandson Khurram was the most beautiful child in Agra. Everybody nodded in agreement except Birbal. Akbar asked Birbal that what is the matter. Birbal said, “Jahanpanah! Your grandson is adorable but he may not be the most beautiful child in Agra.” Akbar was furious since he didn’t like getting contradicted. He asked Birbal to prove his point.

Birbal asked Akbar and the ministers to accompany him in plain clothes to the place where the most beautiful child in Agra lived. To everyone’s surprise, Birbal took them to a slum dwelling in Agra. There they saw a small ugly child. He was smeared with dirt all over his body, his hair were ruffled, he wore shabby clothes and he had big pimples all over his face.

Birbal said, “Jahanpanah! This is the most beautiful child in Agra.” Akbar was flabbergasted. He exclaimed, “Birbal! You have gone nuts! You have such poor aesthetic sense!” In the meanwhile, the ministers were rejoicing from inside to see Akbar rebuking Birbal since they were jealous of the navratna.

After sometime, the child’s mother came and she started kissing the child.

Akbar was astonished. He exclaimed with disbelief, “How can a woman love such an ugly child!” The mother overheard his remark and shouted, “You Devil! My son is the most beautiful child in the world! Get out of this place immediately or else I will give you a nice thrashing!”

Akbar, Birbal and the ministers quietly left the place. On way back to the palace, Akbar said to Birbal, “Now I realise that for a parent, her child is the most beautiful child in the world.” Birbal then addded his own witty comment, “And for the grand-parents too!”

Moral of the story: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Source: The most beautiful child - a folktale retold...

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