Why didn't Germany surrender in WWII until Berlin was in ruins? Wasn't it clear that the war was lost as early as 1942?

Myself being a post-WWII German, I am certainly no eyewitness, have to rely on what elders have narrated (and on eye-witness accounts that found their way into history books).

I learned that then most Germans had been highly indoctrinated by their “leader” and his followers. Thus, in WWII Germany, a n y t a l k about having your doubts about the “Endsieg” (final victory) would endanger you being hung as a traitor.

There is proof that people betrayed doubtful friends or even family to the watchful Nazi authorities, fully knowing that they sealed the fate of those “defectors”.

Even children betrayed their parents for listening to “Feindsender” (enemy radio, like the BBC, the only means where Germans - certainly also as a means of counter-propaganda - could get any information on military victories of the Allies, and their advancing towards Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany.)

Even after advancing US troops had appeared on the west bank of the Rhine River (historically Germany’s west border line towards France), there were still people being executed for “high treason” on the east river bank, by fanatic followers of the Nazi ideology. Even kids in their early teens had been trained to handle a “Panzerschreck” (bazooka) and a K98 carbine, to add to the “Volkssturm” and the “Werewolf”, supervised by a handful fanatic veterans who themselves had been too old, or too feeble to serve in the regular “Wehrmacht” (German army of WWII). A good family friend, then 15 years, was part of that “last force” employed on Germany’s eastern front, he told me about boys in his crew who were executed on the spot, when starting to talk about having doubts about the “Endsieg”, or turning their backs to the enemy.

(Our friend survived, was taken captive and sent to an American POW camp, but released after a few weeks).

History is showing that indoctrination and blind devotion to criminal and insane leaders - like in WWII Germany (including Nazi Germany’s allies during those darl years) - is definitely not a thing of the past.

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