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What’s the coolest thing you found in a house that you purchased that was left behind?

One of the homes I was remodeling had a really nice commercial sewing machine that was near brand new. It was monster heavy and the investor I was doing the remodel for did not want it, so I took it home thinking I would sell it. Instead it went in my storage and was forgotten about in all the hustle and bustle of daily life. Not too long after some friends were having an insanely expensive wedding thanks to their very wealthy parents. I had no idea what to give them. When visiting a friend who worked at a fabric store I saw they had on sale fake animal fur. I bought enough of a dark brown black fur to make two huge pillows. I had been working on inventing a shredder at work that was being tested with foam rubber, so had many bags of shredded foam. I got my friend at the fabric store to sew up a set of pillows from that fabric and delivered them to the wedding wrapped only in a large red ribbon. Turned out the senior buyer for Macy’s was there and she chased me down wanting these for her store. I had a friend who only spoke Japanese and needed a job, so I put her to work sewing on that sewing machine I found. Soon I had twelve ladies working for me part time sewing pillows. Orders continued to grow much faster than I was getting paid and at eighteen none of the banks or vendors would give me a line of credit. On paper I was getting rich, but in practice was having to work more and more other jobs to cover salaries and materials. After a year I was exhausted and not even coming close to catching let alone keeping up. I sold that business to my first employee and her graduate student husband. They were able to get the credit lines to be an instant success and rapidly continue to expand the business. Meanwhile I made enough from that sale to pay for starting five automotive garages, a property management firm, and an upholstery shop, plus I loaned money to some friends to start an auto body shop.

What are the best examples of a really good design?

I researched , surveyed and finally what I finally got up with is, this list of top design inspirations which had a major impact on the designing world and many of these have come afar to emerge as one of the major brands too.

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