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Have you ever seen someone showing more than expected while wearing a skirt?

Yes, a number of times because of wind in San Francisco, and one relatively memorable time because of drunkenness. There was a girl at a college party I had at my apartment for the purpose of letting my band play in front of an audience. We wore 50s prom dresses that had been bought at a thrift store for the gig, and being a band of three men and a female singer, it looked as punk as we could muster for the time. Many people came, including a bunch I did not know, but that was fine. So after we had played, I saw a girl in my backyard who was very drunk, and who was wearing a miniskirt and who had covered her shoulders with a tarp because it was cold and damp outside. she was sitting with her legs splayed, and was mumbling stuff as her head weaved back and forth. Her lacy underwear was in full view. She was very attractive, but hugely wasted.

How much makeup do you usually wear?

When it comes to just chilling at home, doing errands, or commuting to school for one class, I always do my skin care and lip balm regardless while ignoring makeup.

Where do little people shop for clothes?

I worked with a “little” man a few years ago who was a funny smart man. He told me he had to have a lot of his clothes custom made, or he could buy them online at a specialty retailer who makes casual clothing like jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, cargo pants and sweat pants for both sexes of little people. Unfortunately they were pretty expensive. He also said he sometimes could buy small clothing at regular stores and take it home to have his wife pin it up where it would fit well, and he would drop them off at a seamstress who would alter them. He said he could occasionally find a small jersey with 3/4 sleeves which would be long sleeves for him. He said it was hardest in high school and when he was a kid because his parents were normal size (he was adopted) and they pretty much made do the best they could to find him clothes. He said its much easier now with the internet! You can find anything!

What is the smallest bikini you have ever seen someone wearing?

So I was at the beach for my newphews birthday party. We had ordered pizza and sat down and ate. My cousin, 25 or 26 at the time, just recently broke off an engagement. So, this girl walks up in the freaking tiniest bikini ever. Yeah she was trying to be “sexy” and all, but it was just weird.

Have you ever accidentally exposed your body parts while wearing a skirt or dress?

I exposed myself all the time when I’m wearing my skirts, sometimes I have panties on & sometimes I don't. But when I do expose myself, I pretend it was on accident. I always say sorry. If someone was happy with what they have seen I will give them a longer look, One time I was wearing My hot pink skater skirt & a Black racer tank on a public bus (that’s where I do most of my flashing/exposing myself) this gentleman was smiling at my pantyless show , so I gave him a better longer show, he actually stroked himself through his jeans until he orgasmed inside of his jeans staring at my cock getting hard, giving himself a huge sticky wet spot in his jeans, you could totally tell where that wet spot came from. He gave me a show while I gave him a show. The reason for choosing the bus is that it’s a controlled environment, you decide who you want to show. One time a girl was sitting across from me so I crossed my legs slowly & flirtatiously. She commented on my panties I was wearing underneath my skirt. She asked if she could sit with me , of course I said yes. the moment she sat down she asked if I could lift up mt skirt, she said she would like a better look so I hiked up the front of my skirt exposing my growing cock in my pink lace panty, she smiled at it watching me grow . She asked if I was gay? I said I’m bi. She asked if she could touch me? Yes I said. First she was feeling my lace panties, then she pulled my panties to the side exposing all of my 8 1/2 inch cock, then she started caressing my hot throbbing hard cock. As she caressed my cock she was making it precum, She smiled and asked my I taste your precum. and before I answered, her mouth was around my cock there were two teen girls in the seat directly across where she was sitting watching and enjoying the show, I could tell by the looks on their faces. She worked her mouth all around my cock while her other hand was caressing my balls. It didn’t take me to long to explode into her cute mouth. I asked may I taste my cum? I love the taste of my cum. She came right to my mouth And opened her mouth & I opened my mouth & we french kissed while there was a quart or more of cum in our mouths, It was so hot & sexy. We sat & chatted awhile, She asked if she could have my panties? I slowly slid my panties off flirtatiously, she felt them against her face. As the bus was coming to her stop she gave me a big wet kiss & she put the panties into her purse. We said our goodbyes, I watched her walk off the bus & never she never looked back. I was telling myself if she looks back I’ll go after her, but she didn’t. The couple still in awe of what they just saw & witnessed. the girls asked if they could sit with me and I said yes, How could a sissy get a girlfriend like that? She wasn’t my girlfriend? I just met her today before you both got on the bus. They told me they could smell the cum & It smelled so good. They also told me that they were so turned on & their wet dripping pussies soaked their panties almost to their short shorts. The girl next to me unzipped her shorts, as soon as she did I could smell her sweet aroma, her pussy smelled so good. She slid her hand down her pants, she brought her hand back out & her fingers were covered with her juices. She brought her hand to my face and asked if I liked the way she smelled? Of course I did. Would you like to lick my juicy fingers? I just opened my mouth, she stuck her juicy & sweet smelling fingers into my mouth. I Licked and sucked her fingers clean and I told her more please so she stuck her hand back inside and loaded up her fingers again & fed them to me. At that time she asked her girlfriend to sit back in their old seat. She switched spots with me so her back was against the wall of the bus. She slid her short shorts & her soaked juicy panties off reavealing a cute trimmed glistening pussy & now I can really smell her sweet smelling pussy. So I then proceeded to bury my face & tongue deep inside her tight pussy bringing her into an orgasm, it tasted so delicious. When she was about to cum again she jumped onto my lap & rode me until She and I came again. I was so horny & still so hard I asked her friend If she wanted some? Of course she said. Her friend put her short shorts on & leaving the panties on the seat. Then her friend & her switched spots took off short shorts along with her panties , Sitting the same way her girlfriend did. Her pussy was just as wet & delicious as her friends & smelled sweet too. So I buried my face & tongue deep inside of her beautiful juicy pussy. My face was covered with their pussy juices, my face looked like a glazed donut. She proceeded to jump on my lap riding my still rock hard until she came all over it. I was so close to cumming again, I jerked it off so I could cum again, this time she wanted me to cum into her mouth and so I did. The whole bus smelled like sex. I love that smell. By the end of our sexcapades we all missed our stops. I slide on both pairs of soaked wet panties. We all made sure we were dressed & we all got off to go wait for the bus heading north again so we can get to where we were going. We all kissed each other passionately. The two girls took my number, we all hooked up again. I never did see the first girl that walked off the bus & never looked back again. As I was exiting that bus, the driver new what was going on, he asked did you hook up with all three girls. I said yes, the two girls were already off the bus when he asked me. I let him smell my fingers really quick & I proceeded to get off that sex smelled bus & Wait for the other bus to get us back to our missed spots.

What do you wear when you are alone at home?

I am a 20-year-old girl living in a beach facing apartment in Worli, Mumbai. As most people have guessed, Mumbai has terrible weather; it is hot-humid in the summers, humid in the monsoon season and cold-humid in winters, i.e. humidity is constant.

What is the most surprising thing that happened because you weren't wearing underwear?

Let me begin by saying I am a Christian man, and believe that sexual intercourse before marriage is a bad idea, as well as morally wrong. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t aware that most of my friends didn’t agree with me, but I’ve never been one to tell others they have to behave according to my standards. It also doesn’t mean I wasn’t sexually attracted to women before I met and married my wife. I just chose to refrain from engaging in sexual intercourse.

Have you ever seen a girl that is wearing a skirt, sitting down and showing a lot more then she intended to?

There was a near “joke” in the 60’s, the skirt (dress) is too short if the tampon string showed below the hem. This was a period during which many girls were “burning bras” or otherwise putting them away for a while. That often included the panties as well. The campus I was at had lots of shady lawns. Lying out on the lawns and studying was popular , especially in late spring, summer and early autumn quarters. Being on the lawn gave a very different view of the girls not wearing panties. Whether they were showing more anatomy than they intended to show is not known to me. Then there was a time it was not intended by one of the girls.

What are fashion tips for women?

You know how sometimes you just know things, but don’t realize that you do until someone mentions it out loud. That’s just the case with fashion too, and that’s why we always need tips from experts, fashionistas, and designers to validate what we know. But, often while reading about stuff, we realize how we miss tiny details and how other people have a different perspective to offer! Like they say, the devil is in the details. If you were wishing that it’d be nice to have a list that states it all out for you, we’ve got you covered. So, today, let’s take a look at 50 Fashion Tips that will come in handy for every girl – whether you are a college chica or a lady boss. Ready? Let’s do this.

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