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What do fat people eat?

The way this question is posed is rather rude. However, I do feel it’s vitally important to address because their is such a stereotypical view of overweight people that only serves to exacerbate the issue. There are a miriad of reasons that people become overweight and not all of them are because someone is a lazy sloth who mindlessly eats their way to oblivion.

What is the most difficult dish a chef can produce?

In my time in 5-star (or 4-star, or 3-star, depending on what city and whose stars) kitchens I have worked in, I have seen some doozies. The winner for me, I think, was a steamed sea-urchin custard that was steamed to order, as an appetizer (!!), in the sea urchin shell. It was insanely difficult to get the timing right. To be honest, I think the chef made a design mistake. No dish should be next to impossible to get right, in the moment. But I think the spirit of the question is more about which standard dishes are difficult. So here are some ones that I fear:

What are simple hacks that fast food restaurants use to rip off people?

For starters, I haven’t ripped people off at restaurants. My drawer was always perfect, people steal from it if it’s not me on it and I caught someone taking a $10, so from then on it’s my drawer. Plus my kitchen is clean head to toe and everything is labelled, my freezers fully stocked and my lines are broke down. Then there’s the eagle eye to watch for scams or any other problems and I seldom missed them. Here we are, arriving to my top best scams list after running 3 restaurants, two of them 24/7s on graveyard shift.

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