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Is Elon Musk crazy?

You wake up at five in the morning, in an office chair. A twinge of pain shoots through your back, but you get up anyway. Opening your office’s door, you’re welcomed by the rending of steel on steel — to the noise of a factory. To your factory.

Why do people consider Seinfeld so groundbreaking?

Seinfeld was both smart and down-to-earth, so it appealed to a really broad audience. The American sense of humor is unique. I typically find British humor much funnier, but Seinfeld is still my favorite show of all time. Number two is Faulty Towers, an older British gem of a show that few Americans have even heard of. The only other American sit-com I really loved was Martin, which was underrated (at least among whites) but really just owed its genius to Martin himself and all his insane characters, as the rest of the cast wasn't all that funny with the exception of peripheral characters like “Bro Man.” But having only one funny character was typical in sit-coms, even good ones like Martin. They also had very simple plot-lines, usually involving some misunderstanding.

What is MuleSoft technology?

Mule, the runtime engine of Anypoint Platform, may be a light-weight Java-based enterprise service bus (ESB) and integration platform that permits developers to attach applications along quickly and simply, enabling them to exchange knowledge. It permits simple integration of existing systems, despite the various technologies that the applications use, as well as JMS, internet Services, JDBC, HTTP, and more. The ESB are often deployed anyplace, will integrate and orchestrate events in real time or in batch, and has universal property.mulesoft online training Bangalore

Why should I choose Babbel over Duolingo? Since Duolingo is free, what compelling advantage does Babbel have that makes paying worthwhile?

I have used both to learn Spanish for about eight months, spending on average 15 minutes a day with each. I just completed the Duolingo “language tree” (at level 14), and I am through 14 % of Babbel (I’ve completed 139 of the 991 lessons that is available in its Spanish course). The number of words/phrases mastered as reported by Duolingo is 1588. The number of words/phrases mastered as reported by Babbel in 1035. I’ve also tried out a number of other free and premium online language learning resources, but Duolingo (free) and Babbel (premium) are the only ones I’ve used beyond testing.

What’s the rudest experience you ever had at a dealership?

I was the local Ford dealer in a small city. We were engaged in local charity and public events, like most local business, and my family was grateful for the opportunity to serve the community that provided a living for us and our dealership employees.

What is bad about Tesla cars?

Here are 14 things I uncovered while researching what is bad about Tesla cars (notice, some of these items could also be attributed to all electric vehicles):

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