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Can you write your heart out?

I am a 21 year old girl and I am married. Mine is not arranged marriage it's a love marriage against my parents wish. I came out of house on 2015 January month and married him. That time my age was 18. We are married for more than 3 and half years. We don't have children yet. I am doing my bachelor's degree. And he is working.

What's the most pretentious thing you've ever seen on a résumé?

In one of my previous jobs as a Senior DevOps Engineer, I was asked to be one of the interviewers for a candidate who was applying for a Network Engineer position. Although I didn’t really consider myself to be qualified to fill such a position, I still knew enough of the basic principles of networking to ask a few questions.

Have you ever written a negative recommendation letter?

That question got me to thinking about the one student I did not want to recommend. She was from a wealthy family, always got what she wanted, and never had to work for anything. She was a holy terror when she did not get her way, but because of her economic and social standing, the small school where I taught usually made sure that she did get her way.

What are some common mistakes writers make when world-building?

I think the most common mistake I see in worldbuilding is borrowing too much from existing fictional worlds. Loads of writers, for example, will have elves, orcs, dragons, humans, etc. all living in a pseudo-medieval world that they’ve consciously or subconsciously patched together from books and video games, and just take it all for granted. That’s not real worldbuilding. What Tolkien did was real world-building. How did he do it? Well for one he had a lot of life experiences that influenced him. For another he did a lot of reading and research. And he also had a purpose in mind: to create a grand mythos like the myths of cultures that he’d studied and admired. He borrowed, rearranged, thought deeply on things like industrialization, war, mortality, and massive natural forces against which humans look pretty puny. He created something really wonderful from all of that.

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