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Why didn't Hitler just cut off the water to the camps so there would be no survivors?

This is a good question, but it’s predicated on a profound misunderstanding. Why didn't Hitler just cut off the water to the camps so there would be no survivors? Alternatively, why didn’t Hitler (or, more accurately, Himmler) start sending everybody within the camps to gas chambers? If the intention were that nobody would survive, why are there so many survivors?

Why didn't Hitler order to use all the gas Germany had stored to use on the Soviets when he knew they had lost the war?

Years before WW2 started it was generally assumed in many western societies that if there was another world war then gas would certainly be used. Anyone who saw that old 1936 Movie "Things to Come" will know that it predicted the use of gas in strategic bombing. Today we are so used to Movies & TV shows that depict a post apocalyptic world, I think that movie was the first do so. In fact many people in the 1930s thought that the devastation strategic bombing would cause would be as cataclysmic as we nowadays imagine the aftermath of a nuclear war.

What are simple hacks that fast food restaurants use to rip off people?

For starters, I haven’t ripped people off at restaurants. My drawer was always perfect, people steal from it if it’s not me on it and I caught someone taking a $10, so from then on it’s my drawer. Plus my kitchen is clean head to toe and everything is labelled, my freezers fully stocked and my lines are broke down. Then there’s the eagle eye to watch for scams or any other problems and I seldom missed them. Here we are, arriving to my top best scams list after running 3 restaurants, two of them 24/7s on graveyard shift.

Have you ever sent away for one of those pre-packaged dinner kits that contain all the ingredients and just have to be cooked? If so, what did you think of it, and especially what about the cost?

Here in Japan we have an up-and-coming food business venture called Oisix (it is even listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, stock code 3182) that operates little store-in-store counters within supermarkets. One of their popular products is a “meal-kit” with all the ingredients for a popular stew or noodle dish, say, packed in a box. I have never tried one as I don’t really see the point. None of these dishes is particularly difficult, and all the ingredients are in the store anyway.

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